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A digital brand specialising in User Experience, Development eCommerce, we combine innovation with digital craftsmanship to help brands fulfill their potential.

More About Us

What do we offer

We offer many micro services such as WhoIsLookup, domain availibility checker script,Media Downloader and Spreadsheets Bridge(Cloudsheets)

Support system

We have one of the strongest support team out there which typically responds with a solution within 7 minutes

Our Moto

Well we are definately not a particiant of the " highest profit seeking organisation " race. We develop and deploy to help more than to earn. We have a strong will to support organisations and see them growing with the help of our products.

Our Services

A desire to help and empower others between community contributors in technology
began to grow in 2019.

Website building

A website is must in the tech inspired world to grow yourself over the internet rapidly. We are here to develop it according to your rerquirement and needs.

Professional Solutions

We also provide our products for professional use by adding some highly precious features that hits your requirements precisely every time.

Script Developement

Get your own scripts and codes at a super affordable price to give a bost to your product without having to worry about bugs and errors

IOS & Android

Get yourself an Android /IOS app so that you can remotely manage your work from anywhere. Simplyfying work load and need of a bulky devices

UI/UX Design

Need a new UI to enhance your good old service, we are here to help. Get your App/ Website's UI changed to a modern and professional one

Kickstart and Shoot

Dont mess your brain with linking services with different products, we have taken the headache of that and now its amazingly easy and fast to link them

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Our Works

We are ususally involved in many things, our main objective is to deliver a finished product to the client as per thier requirement as soon as possible with the best of support!

Most of our projects are based on Web + App development where we are focused on a smooth yet stable enviroment. We also develop scripts on demand to perform various tasks which are to be fired automatically or at a specific time trigger !

Script Development 88%
App & Website Development 95%
Product Linking and Framework Design 78%

Our Speciality

A desire to help and empower others between community contributors in technology
began to grow in 2019.

We're a friendly bunch..

We create projects for companies and startups with a passion for quality

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ADDRESS: 305,Sispal Vihar, Sector - 49, Gurgaon, Haryana, INDIA